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Save Our Sounds

There is something that everyone interested in sound should understand...

We are rapidly depleting the world of her natural soundscapes. It's not just that we are destroying the habitats of all types of creatures, we are also changing the way soundscapes are sounding. There are many examples of recordings that demonstrate this. They have been made in the same location at different times; once before 'development' and once after. Although the same elements are in each recording the actual characteristics of the sounds have changed. Songs of birds once bright and vital show change; sounding sadder. The calls of frogs, the health barometers of rivers and lakes, show less vitality.

And then there is noise pollution. The sounds that we, as humans, have introduced; cars, airplanes, jet skis, electrical towers (anyone who lives close to these knows what I'm talking about); the list goes on and on. It is getting harder and harder for you to experience a completely wild, untainted soundscape...

We are also directly killing some of the most intelligent and musical creatures on the planet. Recently, there has been an accelerated push by whaling countries to lift the moratorium which banned the cruel practice. The scam of killing for 'scientific research' continues.

SES was founded and currently, operates in Japan; I'm sad to say one of the countries pushing to start commercial whaling again. Now, although we love Japan, the ignorance regarding the murder of these wonderful beings is deeply disturbing. Anyone who has listened to the complex, haunting sounds of whales singing their sad songs will find it difficult to comprehend how people can torture these animals with harpoons (sometimes firing up to 9 harpoons into the whale and then taking over 4 hours to drag the still breathing creature in) and then electrocuting the critically injured animal to death. This brutal technique is designed to lessen the damage to the whale meat; damage that used to be caused by explosive tipped harpoons.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to support Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd in helping save one of nature's ancient and talented singer/songwriters.

For more information about the Japanese censorship and brutal slaying of dolphins and other Cetaceans please visit the Taiji Dolphin Campaign

Stay tuned for more ways we can help preserve the sonic gifts from nature; big and small.

Wishing you much success and happiness on your adventures with sound!

Sound-e-Scape Studios Team


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