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On this page you will find a variety of wav files that have been recorded by Sound-e-Scape sound designers. Please note that while most of these files are in wav format, some will be in MP3 format because of bandwidth. There are some beautiful yet LARGE nature-scapes for example that go into the high megabyte range. These will be listed here in MP3 but if you would like the pristine, full length versions, please send us an email at and we will either give you a URL or send the file direct to your email address.

Inside these categories you will no doubt find many quality sound effects that you can use. Take note that some of these sound FX were rescued from the cutting floor however and hence we cannot gaurantee that you'll like them all.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While previewing these sounds, it is best that you listen through either head phones or a set of decent speakers. Computer speakers are rarely, if ever, satisfactory for experiencing sound (studio monitors are best)...

Protect your ears




I mean it! Protect your ears

The library will be continually updated. It takes a lot of time to put everything online so please, have patience and check back regularly

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Sound-e-Scape Studios Sound Effects - Stand Alone Sounds

Air and Steam Sound Effects
Aircraft sounds
Beep Sound Effects
Boinks and Boings Sound Effects
Chimes and Percussive Sound Effects
Clicks Sound Effects
Crackle and Crunch Sound Effects
Drips and Drops Sound Effects
Electrical Sound Effects
Fairy and Monster Sound Effects
Fire Sound Effects
Friction Sound Effects
Future Bugs Sound Effects
Human Noise Sound Effects
Laser and Sci-Fi Sound Effects
Mechanical Sound Effects
Musical wavs for download
Just Plain Weird SFX
Pop Sound FX
Stretch and Snap SFX
Water Sound Effects
Wind Sound Effects

Manipulated Sound Categories
Air & Steam | Beeps | Boinks & Boings | Chimes & Percussive | Clicks | Crackle & Crunch | Drips & Drops | Electrical | Fairies & Monsters | Fire |
| Friction| Future Bugs | Human Noise | Laser & Sci-Fi | Mechanical | Musical | Plain Weird | Pops | Stretch & Snap | Water | Wind |


Sound-e-Scape Studios Sounds - Ambiences

Machine Sound Effects - Mind your fingers
Windy weather
Enjoy getting down and dirty with these samples. The ONLY limits here are your adventurousness and imagination. Download and get stuck in!



SES Sound Scapes Coming Soon

Despite being able to piece together soundscapes, there is something very magical about an untouched or tampered with array of sounds mixed down by nature on a stereo track. I hope you check back for these "Sound-e-Scapes" because you are going to be treated once we get them online.


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