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Sound-e-Scape Studios - Download and Conditions of Use Policy

Please note that although Sound-e-Scape Studios is glad to allow people the use of the sounds we produce, there are some restrictions.

SES sounds, effects, music and samples may NOT be sold by any other party nor can said sounds, effects, music and samples be included in any commercial sound effects products. This means that if you're thinking of compiling a sound library or sample library for sale using ANY Sound-e-Scape Studio's sounds, DON'T.

SES also prohibits the inclusion of any of the content contained on including, but not limited to, sounds, effects, music and samples on ANY other sites without the express written permission of Sound-e-Scape Studios.

Failure to take notice of these limitations can result in you having an unpleasant legal experience. Besides, while we are more than happy to share with people our recordings and hard work, Sound-e-Scape Studio's is LEASING you the rights to use our sounds, effects, music and samples. Sound-e-Scape Studios OWNS the sounds, effects, music and samples and ALL associated RIGHTS.

Direct linking to sounds on is not allowed. Feel free to provide our link to interested parties but make sure it is to our main home page at and not a specific media file (as these areas are member protected it is not possible in any case)..





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