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Welcome to Sound-e-Scape Studios; the home of high quality, LOW COST sound effects

Inside SES you will find a whole range of quality sounds and sound FX recorded with professional gear by Sound-e-Scapes sound designers. Our wide range of sounds come ready to use with no royalties attached (but don't even think about trying to sell them as your own - see our policy page). All our sounds are original and recored in-house so you won't find any sounds stolen from movies, CDs or any other media here. At Sound-e-Scape Studios we have worked on a variety of professional productions including DVD and video productions, sound CDs, and educational material.

To be honest, when we started SES, we did research on the web for sounds we could use in productions. The fact is there are a lot of places where you can get free sounds but have you ever tried to use a low quality MP3 inside a production which you have spent so much time in crafting? The result is rubbish.

Of course, if you want to pay for each sound individually then high quality sounds are available. I suppose you could also spend large amounts of money on sound libraries that have a great number of sounds recorded by some of Hollywood's greatest sound recordists and manipulated by the best in sound design...

...but most of these sounds you will NEVER even use.

At SES, our passion is sound. And we want to share this passion with you. One of the great things about SES is we produce sounds and music for professional projects and through the production of these sound projects we can pass on these sounds to you at a fraction of the cost than other companies. Of course we have people working on updating only the Sound-e-Scape Studios member site to make sure our library for you is continually growing. So the question is:

Why pay anywhere from $1:00 to $5:00 dollars PER sound with heavily limited licensing when you can have access to our ENTIRE ROYALTY FREE SES online library for just the tiny price of SES membership?

If you need sounds for a project you are probably going to need more than one. At such premium prices on services offered by other companies you will soon find your sound budget ballooning out of proportion. This can be especially taxing if you are one of the new breed of film or music makers who are just getting started, have great visual or audio and need to complement this with high quality sounds and effects.

It's our way of sharing the miracle of music, sound effects and raw sounds with whomever wants to use, experience and learn.

Although continually producing audio for our members is a demanding business we also want to share some of the knowledge we have for producing your own sounds. Keep visiting for information about:

History of sound recording
Equipment that will help you become a sound recordist and designer
Field techniques for getting the sounds that you need
Software - the good, the bad and the bad ass!!
Resources on the web
Gear reviews

...and a whole lot more

Now here is a new service to get you really excited...

Sound Scavenger Service
The thing you should know about professional productions is that unique sounds are recorded for specific elements. Any movie enthusiast will tell you as much. In fact, sound designers usually avoid sound libraries like the plague because they want to offer their listeners originalty. Enter our Sound Scavenger Service.

Members who need sounds not found in our database have the option of contacting us for special request sounds. We will go out into the field and capture these and serve them up, nice and fresh.

Send us a mail at:

Important Guidelines for SSS
Please have patience when making these requests.
Be reasonable when requesting sounds. Requests like, "I would like the inside whine of a Mig-21 at 20,000 feet", will be ignored and besides with a little research and creativity you can use common sounds to produce what you are looking for.
S.E.S. is offering this service at no charge.
S.E.S. cannot promise that your request will be fulfilled due to the volume of requests or nature of your request (We will try our best).
SSS is a raw sound only service. Modification and/or manipulation of sound takes considerable time, time which we need to keep updating our member library.

Listen! - The Newsletter
SES also publishes "Listen!" - a FREE newsletter for members.
Inside you will find great information on the topic of sound; from gear reviews to ways in which YOU can become your project's very own sound designer. It takes a few seconds to sign-up and the information inside by itself is worth the price of membership to SES.

If that isn't enough, we have "FRESHLY SQUEEZED" - a special sonic treat with each newsletter.

We know you'll love it and have a great time playing with, using or manipulating the sound contained within.

Privacy Policy

To see more information on our how we handle your personal information please click - SES Privacy Policy but in general please remember, spamming is a sore on the backside of humanity so, we guarantee that your information will be kept confidential and out of the hands of the scum bags who clutter mailboxes with tripe (or anyone else for that matter).

Mother Earth
As was established to provide our members with great sounds from all types of environments we feel it is our duty to help promote understanding of the current impact we are having on our environment. An impact which is, and will continue to be so long as we remain impartial, destroying the sonic gifts from nature. As custodians of this planet we are doing a great job of doing a terrifyingly bad job. Think of all the species which have vanished from the face of our planet at our hands and ponder for a moment if you will the fact that we will NEVER be able to get these back. If it makes you feel as queasy as it does us, then take one more moment to change even one thing in your life which is adding to the problem.

We are proud to support Ocean Alliance and Sea Shepherd in their fight against the destruction of some of the most sonically gifted creatures on our planet.
To listen to the songs of some of the animals threatened by Japanese whaling visit Dr. Payne's letter to Japanese Youth and experience the wonders of humpback whales.

Thanks for paying us a visit and we look forward to sharing and learning with you. In the end we will have done our jobs if you leave this site feeling you have gained a little more knowledge than when you arrived...

Sound-e-Scape Studios Team


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