When and Where It All Began​


I’m Sam, the founder of Sound-E-Scape Studios. 

I fell backwards into an opportunity to start recording and designing sounds for kids’ educational products here in Japan 18 years or so ago. From that point, and no matter what else was going on around me, there was always at least one recorder and microphone close at hand to capture the often overlooked sonic world around us. In fact, that notion was why I chose the name Sound-E-Scape Studios. Everywhere you go, whether a tropical jungle in Indonesia or the vast Tokyo train station, there is a studio in full production mode waiting for you. And it’s so easy to get blissfully lost in the sonic richness.

 Now, while I’m probably most at home in a jungle or forest, on a mountain or even in the sky (there’s a project coming for that one soon), I enjoy being anywhere that offers something to record. Which means, literally everywhere and at all times. And, when the mood strikes, I choose a theme and bring the studio to me; spot sfx recording or tinkering with source recordings in the digital realm to create yet more earcandy.

But the thing that really stirs the emotions? When other people find and utilize these sounds. Something, I’ve recorded in the past, has a new life in someone else’s creation. It blows my mind!

With that all being said, thank you for taking the time to visit. If you want, take a look at a few photos from just a glimpse at some of the places I’ve been fortunate enough to capture.

I hope our sounds become your sounds, too.

A Few of the Places We Have Visited Over the Years