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Welcome to the online home of Sound~e~Scape Studios - Providing our members with a large array of original, high quality, downloadable sound effects, RAW sounds straight from our mics to your ears, natural and not so natural soundscapes, information on all areas of sound design, production and use, web resources and so much more.


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To get get access to our library of sounds, click the Sound Effects Categories link and browse until you find what you are looking for. Then simply download the file.

Please note that while we want as many people to enjoy the ever growing library of sounds, music and sfx, some files are quite large and due to bandwidth limitation we can only host limited length MP3 versions for immediate download. If you would like to have access to the high quality, full length, wav file please email SES. Here's our contact information:

For more information regarding Sound-e-Scape Studio sounds, effects, music and samples permissible use and limitations of use, please go to SES POLICY




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